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Be Healed. Be Free. Be Epuipped. for Your Next Level!

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Warrior for Prophetic destiny Woman.
Be Healed, Be Free, Be Equipped, for Your Next Level!

Welcome to the Warriors For Prophetic Destiny Community!

Warriors For Prophetic Destiny (WFPD) is a sanctuary for women of faith experiencing trauma, offering holistic healing, spiritual empowerment, and prophetic fulfillment. Through specialized coaching, spiritual guidance, and Holy Spirit-led sessions, WFPD addresses demons attached to trauma, empowering women to identify, confront, and overcome them. Joining WFPD allows women to reclaim their identity, break free from bondage, and step into their God-given purpose.

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“Hi! I’m Warrior Angela Lowe, founder and CEO of Warriors For Prophetic Destiny, offers trauma counseling and holistic healing services. With nearly two decades of experience, she aims to empower women of God who have experienced trauma to find mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being through the Word of God. She provides top-notch coaching, equipping, and support.

An Inner-Healing, Deliverance & Equipping Community

WFPD is more than just a community; it’s a sacred space where women like you can experience total freedom, wholeness, and transformation. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Spiritual Guidance &Education: Dive deep into the wisdom of scripture and witness the resurrection of your spirit. 
  • Divine Guidance: Experience peace and clarity as you walk step-by-step in alignment with the Holy Spirit. 
  • Inner-Healing & Deliverance: Break free from the shackles of trauma and reclaim your identity in Christ. 
  • Demolition of Mental Strongholds: Overcome the thoughts and emotions that have held you captive for too long.
  • PreparationforSpiritualWarfare:Equipyourselfforvictoryinthebattles of life with the armor of God.

Yes, THis Sound Like This MemberShip Is for ME!

Who Is This Community For?

WFPD is dedicated to Christian women who have endured various forms of trauma and oppression. Whether you’ve faced abuse,  generational curses, or spiritual warfare, this is your safe space to heal, grow, and thrive. We welcome women from all walks of life, professions, and backgrounds, united in our pursuit of spiritual elevation and divine purpose.

Why Choose Warriors For Prophetic Destiny Community

Warriors For Prophetic Destiny is a sacred sanctuary for women of faith experiencing trauma, offering holistic healing, spiritual empowerment, and prophetic fulfillment through expert guidance, supportive sisterhood, and transformative resources.

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Expand your support network, deepen your faith, and embark on a transformative journey toward healing and destiny fulfillment. With  flexible membership options and a wealth of exclusive benefits, there’s never been a better time to join the WFPD community. Take the first step towards a brighter future and reclaim the abundant life that is right fully yours!

Welcome home to the Warriors For Prophetic Destiny Community – where miracles happen, chains are broken, and destinies are fulfilled!

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“Empowering Vocabulary for Your Healing Journey”

1. Transformational: Reflects the profound change and growth experienced within the community. 

2. Revolutionize: Conveys the impactful and revolutionary nature of the healing process. 

3. Empowerment: Emphasizes the sense of strength, confidence, and empowerment gained through membership. 

4. Unleash: High lights there lease of potential and power within each member. 

5. Spiritual Awakening: Describes the profound spiritual awakening and enlightenment experienced within the community. 

6. Renewal: Signifies the process of renewal and restoration of mind, body, and spirit. 

7. Elevation: Conveys the idea of rising to higher levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

8. Breakthrough: Symbolizes the overcoming of obstacles and barriers to achieve spiritual and emotional freedom. 

9. Sisterhood: Reinforces the sense of unity, support, and camaraderie among members. 

10. Miraculous: Indicates the miraculous transformations and blessings experienced within the community. 

11.Empowering: Highlights the empowering nature of the community in helping women reclaim their power and agency. 

12. Holistic: Emphasizes the comprehensive approach to healing that addresses mind, body, and spirit. 

13. Radiance: Represents the inner light and radiance that shines forth from healed and empowered members. 

14. Manifestation: Describes the tangible results and manifestations of healing and spiritual growth. 

15.Abundance: Conveys the idea of abundant blessings, joy, and fulfillment experienced within the community.


● “Joining Warriors For Prophetic Destiny has been a life-changing experience for me. Through Angela’s guidance and the supportive community, I’ve found healing and strength to overcome past traumas. I feel empowered and equipped to walk boldly in my prophetic destiny. Thank you, Warrior Angela, for creating this transformative space.”-Sarah W.

● “As a woman of faith who has faced trauma, finding Warriors For Prophetic Destiny was a true blessing. The resources, coaching, and sisterhood within this community have helped me navigate my healing journey with grace and confidence. I’m grateful to be part of such an inspiring and empowering community.”-Rachel G.

● “A woman who experienced trauma, found solace and support within the Warriors For Prophetic Destiny Community. Warrior Angela’s guidance and transformative resources led to breakthroughs and restoration in areas she once thoughtwereirreparable.Sheisgratefulforthissacredspace.”-RebeccaT.

● “Member of the Warriors For Prophetic Destiny Community, shares her journey towards wholeness and freedom after years of trauma. The community’s teachings, prayers, and camaraderie have helped her discover her inner warrior and walk boldly in her destiny.”-Emily S.

● “Trauma survivor, shares her transformative experience with the Warriors For Prophetic Destiny Community. She found a supportive tribe of women who shared similar experiences and experienced profound healing through the teachings and prayers led by Warrior Angela. She expresses gratitude for this sacred sisterhood.”-Sarah H. 

Prophetic Counselor & Coach

Warrior Angela Lowe, founder of Warriors for Prophetic Destiny and Battle for Your Life Counseling & Training Services, is a holistic healer with 20 years of experience. She aims to support women of God who have experienced trauma to find mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being using the Bible. Lowe, a professional holistic health coach, ordained pastor, licensed mental health counselor, and trained Biblical counselor, is dedicated to providing the best possible teaching, equipping, and support to all members of the organization. Her goal is to unleash divine destiny, strengthen God’s Word, and experience the Holy Spirit.

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