Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Warriors For Prophetic Destinyisaspecializedonlinecommunitycreatedtohelp women of faith who have experienced trauma find healing, break free from generationalcurses,andstepintotheirpropheticdestinies.

Warrior Angela Lowe is the founder and CEO of Warriors For Prophetic Destiny Community. Sheisalicensedmentalhealthcounselor,trainedBiblicalcounselor, ordained minister, and certified holistic health coach with nearly two decades of expertiseintraumacounseling.

Within the community, members have access to specialized coaching, equipping sessions, spiritual guidance, Bible studies, deliverance prayer services, networking events, and exclusive workshops designed to facilitate healing and spiritualgrowth.

You can join our community by signing up for membershipthroughourwebsite. Simply fill out the registration form, choose your membership plan, and gain instantaccesstoourtransformativeresourcesandsupportivesisterhood.

Is Warriors For Prophetic Destiny Community suitable for me if I’m currentlyincounselingortherapy?
Yes, absolutely! Ourcommunityservesasacomplementtotraditionalcounseling or therapy services. Many of our members find that the support and guidance offered within the community enhance their healing journey and provide additionaltoolsforgrowthandtransformation.